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    Wide Range of Storage Boxes. Australia-Wide Supply.

    The right box can make all the difference. If it's too small, you can't store your items or documents effectively. Too large and you're wasting space and not capitalising on the scarce storage room you have. Get the perfect boxes however, and you can store, access and manage everything effectively.

    Other people may overlook the importance of such a simple item, but we at Box Biz don't. We are a locally owned and operated family business with the passion and knowledge to create storage items out of simple, lightweight material.

    bespoke packaging in Sydney is a very popular way to present your product or gift in professional and personalised way.

    Nation-wide delivery

    In short, no job is too big or too small for us. Whether it's for the home, office or business, you would be surprised just how useful are boxes can be! Furthermore, although we are based in Adelaide, we are able to deliver across the country.

    Wide range of storage boxes

    Whether you're looking for simplistic storage or the right presentation, these boxes can help. We can provide you with:

    • Presentation and luxury packaging
    • Corporate gift boxes
    • Spare parts storage boxes
    • One piece self-assembly boxes
    • Acid-free boxes
    • Binders, including slipcase
    • Metal edge boxes
    • Polypropylene folders and boxes
    • Urn boxes
    • Dental model and open storage file boxes

      In addition, we offer a range of additional services to help make every box or folder unique. This includes custom making our products to your specifications, complete with CAD design work, CMYK printing or embossing.

      Whatever Your Requirements, See Box Biz

      A collection of bespoke packaging near Sydney
      Click to view our new video - The Box Maker

      Box Biz is excited to announce long-established book binding company, Chasdor Bindery, will be joining the Box Biz family!

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