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To Preserve Important Documents - Use Quality Archive Boxes

If you have ever had to archive something, you'll know how difficult storing all those files can be. Archiving only gets bigger over time, so you often need a solution that's adaptable and ready to expand when you need it to.
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Range of archive boxes

Our archive boxes are simple to use and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. They can be used to store a variety of goods including:

  • Items that require a pH neutral board
  • Larger items such as clothes and polypropylene binders for photographic items.
  • General items (that do not need acid-free materials)

    Whether you're updating an archive, starting a new collection, or simply need a long-term storage solution, these boxes are ideal for keeping your possessions safe, secure and organised.

    Protect Your Important Paperwork

    With archive boxes from Box Biz, you can rest assured that you are storing your important files and paperwork with confidence. Protect your documents from the weather, pests and dust for many years with our durable archive boxes.

    Metal Edge

    We can also provide metal edge finished boxes. Commonly used in the United States, this unique product adds metal ridges to your boxes, available in a variety of colours. Although subtle, the metal frame adds greater support and load bearing properties, allowing you to stack and store these boxes without a shelving unit.

    Box Biz in action

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    'Wide Range of Storage Boxes - Australia Wide

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